The Importance of Web Security

Keeping your site safe from malware and regularly backed up, is essential for good web security. Ask yourself, have you got an anti-virus plugin and a back-up facility for your website?

In the eventual event that you get a malware virus on your site or your site is deleted by your 5 year old, no need to panic! First we install and activate an anti-virus plugin such as WordFence on your site dashboard, which will alert you to any suspicious files that may be infected by a virus. There is a facility for the plugin to then fix or delete the suspicions file in order to clean up your site, so to speak. If a core file is hacked and the site is down, then you may need to bite the bullet and re-install your website.

Keeping a backup of your site on the server or on your PC is a clever way to go. You won’t need it, until you need it.

Some web hosting packages incorporate scheduled back-ups as part of their hosting service, but some don’t. If not then you need to have a Plan B. Luckily there are a plethora of back up plugins in your WordPress dashboard, which we can install and activate. These plugins allow you to back up your site files and database to your server on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis i.e. daily, weekly etc. They also allow you to download your site to your PC or an external hard drive. So in the event that your site is infected you can over-write it with a clean back-up version of your site. Happy Days! Phew.


  • Installing site security i.e. WordFence, to protect your site from malware
  • Installing a back-up facility on your site i.e. Backuply or Updraft Plus
  • Updating plugins, theme, software
  • Scheduling site backups in case of a site hack
  • Any other requirements