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At Visual Aspects we love to design. Simple, clear, eye-catching. We use WordPress to build your site. WordPress is an industry standard website design platform. It is repsonsive which means that websites built on WordPress retrofit beautifully to whatever device you are viewing them on i.e. mobile, laptop, iPAD. WordPress provides a suite of state-of-the-art website themes to choose from and plugins for any website features you may need – from booking systems to online shops to online forms. Get a Visual Aspects WordPress website today and open a window to the world.


A strong logo encapsulates your business vision. In fact your logo is probably the first image seen on your site and your marketing materials. So it’s important to get it right. Once we understand your business and your market we design 3 logo samples for you to choose from and work with you to craft the final design. A picture says a thousand words, so it’s worthwhile spending some energy and time in creating the right logo for your business, which can tie into your website, social media and print marketing materials. Go on! Create your brand.


We integrate graphics and imagery into your website to reflect your vision. We use your images and carefully select the best stock images that reflect your ethos and help promote your message. These images are strategically placed throughout your website to create a strong visual conversation with your customer. We create visually interesting sliders and other graphics for your site. And it’s important that your brand moves fluidly from your website through to your social media presence.  We create digital marketing graphics that tie in to your logo, branding, website and message. Talk to us today about creating the right branding for your social media campaigns.


Selling your product or service online is often essential for business success. We integrate an industry standard shopping cart facility, that facilitates PayPal and Stripe integration and which enables you to sell your products and services safely online. Get an online shop today and be open for business. Start selling online today!


Open for Business

WooCommerce / PayPal / Stripe
Upload your product photos and details.
You’re open for business!

  • First we install WooCommerce on your site dashboard. WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. Some sites may simply require PayPal Buttons on their site in order to sell a small number of products and services. We are happy to do this too! If you prefer the Shopify route we can build you a site using the Shopify platform.

  • We integrate your shop with your PayPal and or Stripe account.

  • To build your shop front we upload your product photos, include attributes, images, stock details, prices etc. We upload all your products to the shop and can then train you how to maintain your shop.

  • We test your shop transactions and train you on how to maintain your shop products.


We source state-of-the-art WordPress themes designed for your sector. We configure, retrofit and populate your site to your chosen theme with your content, multi-media and more. We create and integrate your branding seamlessly. We configure Booking Systems, Event Calendars and Blogs. We source top quality stock images to inspire you and your market. There are no limits.

We use your images and select top stock images that reflect your ethos and promote your message. These images are strategically placed throughout the site to create a strong visual conversation with your customer. Engaging content and easy navigation is key to a successful site and we work closely with you to get the right information on the right pages.


We use your images and select top stock images that reflect your ethos and promote your message. These images are strategically placed throughout the site to create a strong visual conversation with your customer.


We work with you to understand who your market is and how best to both reach and connect with them. What is your product or service? What are the key phrases people use on Google to find your type of product or service?  We use these key phrases for On Page SEO (Yeost) and Image SEO to ensure your content and images are optimised for browser searches.

For your website to rank high on search engines it is vital that your devise and implement an SEO Strategy. Our SEO Expert will develop the right strategy for your business and provide a Digital Marketing Plan that suits your business and ensures your website reaches your market. Which social media platform is the best one to reach your market? What type of social media campaign should you set up? These are the sorts of questions that our SEO Expert will find the answers to.


Keeping your content fresh and up to date is vital for customer engagement.A substantial amount of my work involves maintaining websites for my clients. This could be from content updates to software updates to adding site functionality. We provide a site maintenance service to keep your website up to date and your content fresh. Examples of our maintenance services include:

  • Updating plugins, theme, software
  • Scheduling site backups in case of a site hack
  • Installing site security i.e. WordFence – to protect your site from Malware
  • Updating page content
  • Adding BLOG entries


GDPR stands for General Data Protection Legislation. It is a European Union (EU) law that came into effect on 25th May 2018. GDPR governs the way in which we can use, process, and store personal data (information about an identifiable, living person). The Data Commission of Ireland do regular checks on websites. They advise that your site should be 100% GDPR compliant as this protects both you and your website user. GDPR on a website includes a Cookies Pop-Up and Policy, a Privacy Statement and a Terms and Conditions. Visual Aspects works with a GDPR Consultant to deliver all three of these elements onto your site, so your site will be 100% GDPR compliant.


Welcome to Visual Aspects Wed Design. Once we understand your website objective we can then start to design, build and deliver you an engaging, well branded and unique site.

A strong website is all about engaging with your customer. What is it about your brand and product that they like and want more of? Your site should reflect this and communicate your vision to your customer, so they see it as an extension of your shop front.